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The famous momager was pictured by the swimming pool in a photo posted by Kim Kardashian.

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08 de septiembre de 2020
Kris Jenner sent fans wild after a photograph of her posing outside in a bikini was shared by her daughter Kim Kardashian on social media earlier in the year.

The Skims founder had taken to Instagram to post a previously unseen photo of her mum on holiday, which had been taken shortly after Kris gave birth to Rob Kardashian Jr., now 33.

Kris looked stunning in a neon green-and-pink two-piece, as she stood in front of a wall of flowers. Kim had shared the picture to mark Mother"s Day in May, and fans were in awe of the star"s washboard stomach and long limbs.

In the comments section, one follower wrote: "She looks phenomenal in that bikini," while another wrote: "If Kris can look that fire after birthing Rob we can get there too," while a third added: "That was after giving birth to a fourth child? I"m more amazed at no stretch parks! I"m so jelly!"

Kris, now 64, is still in great shape, and attributes this to her healthy diet and exercise routine. The mother-of-six tends to start her day early, getting up at 4 or 5am, where she then works out on the treadmill.

The star previously told fans: "I get up really early every morning at about 4 or 5. I don"t sleep a lot so I"m trying to get a lot done in the morning. "I plan everything, make sure everything is fine all the while I"m on the treadmill, I drink lots of coffee to get me going."

Kris has a personal chef who cooks her nutritious meals, and the star tends to stick to a diet of protein shakes for breakfast, salmon for lunch, stir fry for dinner, and some healthy snacks in between.

This isn"t to say the star doesn"t treat herself though. The star also revealed her ideal food day during an interview with The New Potato, consisting of everything from waffles to beef tacos.

She said: "My ideal food day is just to stick to my diet! But in a dream world, I would probably start with a waffle or French toast, have a Chinese chicken salad from Chin Chin for lunch and end it with beef tacos, cheese enchiladas, rice and beans, and margaritas at Casa Vega, my favourite Mexican restaurant."

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